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06. 8.06 - pioneers

Loïc Le Meur (fr, en) likes relatime , especially with second hands, and wants a wrist model; be patient, Loïc, wristle watches will come too, if you really want them. Next week, it will be possible to download it on your Mac. It will be a first step !

Nabekor, Thibault et Morgazilla like relatime, too. Thanks for the posts, and for the comments.

By Marc de Fouchécour, 06. 8.06 in theylike | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)


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I'm Italian. I like Relatime, I wrote un article about the watch. You can read it in the previously messages of my blog.
But I can't see the watch in my blog. I saw the site of Thibault (nice Tiblog) but I don't see any watch in it too, only the quad empty space. I wrote to relatime webmaster but didn't receive any answer. Maybe I have some technical pb in my new pc. In the end I removed the watch from my blog. I'm so sorry about it.
Greetings from Italy

Posted by: Arnaldo | Jul 11, 2006 8:38:12 PM

Yes. In the end I did it. Now I can see the big gradient_blue watch in my blog "Oceano" and the medium size gradient_red in the other, "Home, swee..b home".

Thx Marc for helping me. You can use my 2 blog as Relatime example, if you like it. :-)

Posted by: Arnaldo | Jul 17, 2006 2:49:35 PM

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